Digital Practices for Inclusive Programs aims to create innovative pathways that promote digital pedagogy to facilitate higher levels of inclusion and participation by immigrants with special needs, thereby strengthening employability and increasing social inclusion.

Through innovative and tailor-made approaches, the project aims at increasing and improving the skills of trainers, educators and counsellors in the organisation of training and counselling programmes that promote social inclusion through the use of digital pedagogy and, at the same time, to increase the possibilities for participation in such programmes by all immigrants, including those with special needs.

The project will do this through the development and delivery of training programmes in line with the specific needs of individuals.


To promote the advantages and needs of digital pedagogy in integration and educational programmes.

To develop an innovative, high quality and inclusive programme, based on existing digital tools, that focuses on the specific needs of individuals.

To improve the digital skills of trainers/counsellors and their competences in designing and implementing tailor-made courses for immigrants with special needs.

Improving the social inclusion of immigrants with special needs.