iberika Education Group gGmbH

iberika education group gGmbH is a non-profit educational institution for adults founded in 1996.
Educational institution for adults in the heart of Berlin with a lot of experience in the field of language acquisition, continuing education and management of Erasmus+ projects. Our main area of work is the promotion of education, international attitudes and tolerance in all areas of culture. For this purpose we organize and conduct courses, seminars, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, performances and public debates on new teaching and learning methods, motivational methods of teaching and learning, motivational strategies for teachers and students, as well as the development and integration of leisure activities. One of our cornerstones is the development and implementation of new trends and technology-based curricula in the area of foreign language acquisition. Iberika has been working on Erasmus+ since 2007; our projects focus on developing training courses for teachers in the field of digitalization, social inclusion and continuous learning opportunities.

SwIdeas AB

SwIdeas is an entrepreneurial multi-cultural organization bridging and partner in collaboration with small scale enterprises and NGO’s within start-up, trade, international development, social development and advisory services. We are a globally aspired, yet regionally rooted organization incorporated in Sweden. We possess an extensive portfolio of professional services carried out by dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.
The crux of SwIdeas diligence is based on sustainability, well-versed to innovation, dedication, efficiency, and accountability with a smart grasp of the requirements of our clients. We set the bar high to bring results and strive to deliver distinctive and lasting client impact.

ACP – Active Citizens Partnership

Active Citizens Partnership is a Non-Profit organisation in Greece. We have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. With the assistance of the State and the European Union have developed measures to prevent and tackle social problems and assist vulnerable groups. In order to provide a high-quality service develops and operates innovative activities relating to:

  • Studies and research in the field of non-formal education and training
  • Development and implementation of technology enhanced training
  • Greek language program for refugees and immigrants
  • Entrepreneurship counseling and mentoring with special focus on unemployed and women.

Active Citizens Partnership has offices in Athens and in Sapes at the region of East Macedonia and Thrace and implements programs throughout Greece.


CESIE is a European centre of studies and initiatives established in 2001 and its mission is to promote educational innovation, participation and growth. CESIE acts in different educational field aiming at involving people, civil society, private and public sectors, researching and testing new educational methodologies to better answer to social needs. CESIE also acts to promote intercultural dialogue among people from over the world and enhances capacities and values of each person. CESIE works with several target groups, among which disadvantaged, marginalized ones, with the overall aim to develop effective and inclusive approaches for the target groups. The main activities that CESIE implement, especially in the field of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, are:

  • Developing a learning and training offer to unaccompanied minors, young and adult migrants on ICT, Employability, Rights & Responsibilities, Entrepreneurship;
  • Strengthen and Enhancing the competences of teachers, school staff and educators so that they are able to better approach diversity through Critical Incidents methodologies; Intercultural awareness and sensitiveness trainings”;
  • Promoting an inclusive society by encouraging the active participation of local and migrant communities through awareness-raising campaigns.

CLAVIS – language & competence

CLAVIS language & competence is an independent institution and non-profit company that aims to develop human language skills and overall competences to contribute to integration, active citizenship, and intercultural coexistence.
CLAVIS runs several learning centers and carries out language teaching with special legal contracts in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Roskilde. We have a comprehensive network for collaboration purposes. For instance, we conduct a lot of on-the-job training course, located on workplaces, to combine the language learning and the professional learning in close connection with the professional and collegial environments through workplace mentoring and intercultural training etc.

We use a special designed business app as a flexible tool for learners own language training and have a long tradition for online-based learning and use of the most advanced communication technology in combination with traditional classroom teaching for both youth and adult learners on all competence levels. Furthermore, we have many assignments for teaching professionals. In 2018, we provided educational activities for a great number of bilinguistic educators as well as healthcare professionals. For approx. 15 years we specialized in long-term learning programs for young ethnic minorities. The aim is to strengthen young people’s language skills as well as their general professional, sociocultural and personal qualifications to conduct education in the Danish educational system.