Interactive research and analysis on inclusive programmes

This collection of research aims to provide a common understanding of the current situation regarding:

  • inclusion programmes with a focus on language acquisition activities and migrant counselling services regarding the feasibility of implementing tailor-made solutions for participants with special needs;
  • level of e-skills and knowledge of trainers, language teachers and counsellors;

The joint analysis provides a comprehensive look at language learning opportunities and counselling services, focusing on inclusion opportunities for service/integration programmes. It analyses the inclusiveness of these programmes and provide an easy and accessible overview of current problems and possible solutions.

Also available in:



Pilot courses for inclusive programmes

5 pilot courses, aimed at immigrants, who can use digital tools in order to create inclusive programs. The 5 pilot courses provide expertise to trainers and consultants working with immigrants in the creation, organization and development of customized inclusive programs supported by digital tools. The goal is to test a new open pedagogical approach in implementing digital practices in different inclusion services programs.


Interactive platform

Here you can find resources, materials, and tools developed within the project.
This is an open and accessible educational resource for trainers, educators and counsellors as well as immigrants. The overall goal is to support and promote digital pedagogy and professional development for trainers and counsellors, all for better accessibility to integration programs.


Tutorials for the implementation of inclusive digital programmes

Here you can find a series of free, open and easy-to-follow digital tutorials aimed at a wide range of professionals including teachers, educational institutions, immigrant counselling services, integration services.
The tutorials are in the form of an all-encompassing best practice manual in English, in which you will learn about the process of finding and selecting existing digital materials and how to implement them in teaching and counselling programs for immigrants.
You will also find instructions on how to create inclusive programs by integrating them with digital tools based on tested practices specifically for immigrants with special needs.


Guide for transferability of practices to other sectors

The guide contains concrete examples of how the pilot courses developed within the project can be easily transferred to other settings beyond adult education.
The goal is to effectively demonstrate how the pilot programs from this project can be adapted and restructured to develop inclusive programs in other areas.
The guide also provides a collection of tricks and recommendations for creating and implementing online services depending on the specific situation of the participants with related problems and solutions with a forum between professionals sharing their knowledge and experience and asking for advice.